911 Prayer

Lord, we need a healing wind to blow across our hearts,
A gentle whisp, from Your lips, to sheathe the aching parts…

Every autumn is still the same, since that sorrow-filled September,
Our hearts are full of bitter holes that bleed when we remember.

We didn't have to know each name to mourn them in our souls…
Lord, please send Your winds of grace to fill these gaping holes.

And we didn't have to see their smile to miss their very essence,
Even across each skyward mile, we still feel their presence…

How can we measure a life undone, their job here never finished?
Alas, the loss of every life has left our world diminished.

Lord, carry each and every name, windward to our ears,
'Til all the souls are lifted up in tribute with our tears.

Send Your Spirit on the wind to bind around our hearts,
'Til providence and time once more erase the broken parts…

Wreathe around our spirit, Lord, a tender soothing wind,
Until each chamber of our heart is beating strong again!


For all the hurting hearts…
May they heal by God's grace…
Sharon Frye