A Huge Life


How did he dance through life

And live so large and bold?

How did he wrap his smile

Around everybody’s soul?


Where did he find the flair

For cooking up such feasts?

He could feed half of Oklahoma--

Man, woman, child and beast!


Where did he learn to love

Fast cars and women too?

He could dance across the floor

And still serve up some brew!


And how’d he fit so much Life

Into each and every day?

How did he leave these tracks

They won’t ever fade away?


All I can really think--

Is that he just knew how to live

And he had this huge, HUGE heart

That only knew how to give.


I believe in a farther place,

Where our friend lives fast and strong,

And all that I can say

Is Godspeed, Nascar Ron!


In memory of

“Nascar Ron” Powers,

Sharon Frye