A Hero of the Heart

Hours and hours at the country club,
Is where her time was spent,
No, not socializing,
Just working hard to pay the rent,
It wasn't, at all, her first choice-
No, she'd rather have been home,
Laughing with her children,
Before they all had grown.

She's done so much,
For each one of us,
Thru joy and floods of strife, 
She's been to us
In every way, a good mom, 
And a good friend in life.

She is not the image,
Looking, at first sight, 
Of what we think, in our mind
A hero should look like.
Her hair is now a cloud of white,
And she shuffles 'cross the floor.
No, she's not the woman she once was,
No… she's so much more!

So, we come here with our laurels,
Our poems and our love,
Lord, rain on our dear mother, 
Your blessings from above,
Let her know, that always,
She'll be a hero in our heart,
Just like she always has been,
And was right from the start!

For our mother, Helen Frye,
From her children and all who love her