All Wrapped Up

I thought I'd bring you Christmas
All wrapped with a shiny bow
But there’s just something missing,
Not the wreath or mistletoe-

I bought some things that glittered
And I hung them on the tree,
But there is still this yearning
That gnaws inside of me…

So then I play some music-
And carols echo down the halls-
Relentless and persistent-
Something whispers from my walls…

Oh yes! I think I've got it--
At last I think I know--
On the mantle I'll line candles
Then we'll have that special glow!

But the tapers slowly burn down
And the light begins to wane-
Their magic sphere is fading
There’s just one thing that remains—

I pick up an old, worn Bible
And begin to read the words…
About angels and a Christ-Child,
The sweetest story ever heard…

And my heart begins to well up
All the striving starts to cease-
As I embrace my Lord and Savior,
The King of Kings and Prince of Peace—

So now I'll bring you Christmas
And the most amazing, wonderful part-
Is that the Son of God still comes
And wraps his love around your heart…

Sharon Frye
12/ 2006