Amid the Ruins

I took a walk thru my past
Thru the junkyard of my life
All around me were amassed
Vast rusted piles of blight…

Jagged edges cutting me
And bruised all thru my soul
I fell down on bended knee
I wept, alone and cold…

Like a lonely refugee
Exiled and lost in fright,
I searched just for a place to flee,
Safe harbor for the night.

But what is this, a door I see…
With bright and searing Light
Shining love on all my deeds
Making them glow white.

Amidst the ruins of life's waste
I slowly look about-
Left behind is not one trace
Leaving me no doubt…

Behind the door is Light Divine
Which beckons-come, unlock…
And burns our ruins til refined,
All you do is knock !

Written By
Sharon Frye