An Apology To Ladova

She came to my door, an innocent child,
With beautiful brown skin and a light when she smiled.
Her voice, much like honey, to my ears was so sweet,
And little I knew of the hand of defeat.
What could I know of the wind that would come?
Or the storm that would blow our friendship undone?
How could I stop the tears that would fall,
When I, myself, was a child just as small?
For her skin was dark, and my skin was light,
How was hers wrong and why was mine right?
Now, I know the command was a sin~
My father forbade my friend to come in…
So many years later, my torn heart still cries,
To make some amends, to apologize.
So now this silence of deed will be broken,
And now I plead, that forgiveness is token.
The door of my heart is flung open wide…
Welcome my friend…
Please come inside!

Sharon Frye

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