Anthem of the Angels

It’s heard in small, wee voices
And rings in Christmas bells
Sweet notes and holy choruses
Men murmur from jail cells…

It’s sung by lonely soldiers,
And hummed from yellow cabs
It makes the hardest heart stir
From cathedrals to rehab.

It’s the anthem of the angels
Sung first so long ago
To shepherds of a Savior
So everyone could know…

That all of mankind falls
Some much more, it seems-
But for every fallen soul
There is One who still redeems.

The anthem of the angels
Still guides the lost and lone,
To the arms of a waiting Savior
And His song of love unknown…

So listen to the chorus
And learn each loving word
Sing the song they sing before us
The sweetest ever heard!


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Merry Christmas!
Sharon Frye