There's a gift I'd like to present you,
To carefully tuck in your heart,
Tis an offering from one to another,
To keep close when we're far apart.

You won't find another one like it,
If you searched all the corners of earth,
Not a one would come close to its likeness,
Not a one would come close to its worth.

Tis a word you've not heard, I would wager,
You'll not find in a journal or book,
A word so unlike any other,
It warrants a scrupulous look.

I hope you'll remember this message,
I'm not trying to act cute or be silly,
But the word I would like to present you,
Is a beautiful word called ARILY…

Now your head I bet you're a-scratchin,
Thinking maybe I 'm losing my mind,
But the sentiment I'd like to be giving,
Is from Love of no other kind…

And now for the word's definition,
I will not further attempt to delay,
I pray you'll carry it always,
And ponder it from day to day:


With Love, Sharon