I went walking toward the sunset
As the moon was on the rise
Whispering prayers with each step
Hoping God would hear my cries…
I was arguing just a little
Saying, God…this makes no sense…
For one so young to be so sick
I guess I'm just too dense…
She's got so much inside her
So much love and life to share
Oh God, please listen to me
Oh please just hear my prayer…
Why not just take me Lord?
I've been on Earth a while
And it's not that I don't like it-
For Your world brings me a smile…
But I've had a life of many years
And had my chance at Love
I've had some trials and some tears
But with help from You above…
Just let her have a chance at Life
Please give Your gift of time
Let her walk Your meadows green
And Your mighty mountains climb…
Let her hair be kissed with gray
As her children gather round
Let her heart be filled with love
And wear happiness as her crown…
So if you think that You could call
This child of yours on home…
Let me grasp her hand a while
And share the love You've shown…

By Sharon Frye