Lord, someone you love is hurting-
I feel their pain across the miles,
Please put your arms around them,
And carry them thru these trials.

O Lord, their heart is broken,
And they so need a friend…
Please pick them up so gently,
And help their soul to mend.

Thru tears,
I write these words, Lord,
A mournful, pleading cry,
I know we're not to doubt you,
But Lord, I'm asking, why?

How much
Do they have to bear, Lord?
How much
Do they have to bend?
Before you incline Your ear Lord,
And to their cries attend?

Send down Your mightiest angels,
To carry them thru this day,
Lord, send down an army from heaven,
To guard their soul I pray!

Go to the place
Where their pains stored,
And lift it by all Your might,
I pray You'd gather that hurt, Lord,
And make their burden grow light.

Send it to the depths of the ocean,
Where only demons have trod,
Soothe their soul with Your love, Lord,
With balm from the hand of my God…

Sharon Frye