Broken Bones

In the valley of the lilies,
The Shepherd tends His lambs,
He watches over their welfare
And keeps them close at hand.
But once in a while one strays,
And heads out all alone,
He thinks he knows the way,
But the path becomes unknown.
Darkness sneaks in slowly,
Dangers lurk and leer about,
The tender lamb is calling,
But his bleating soon fades out…
The action of the Shepherd,
Now seems hard to understand,
He gathers up the lost one
And breaks a leg of the lamb…
The little one's now carried
In the curve of the Shepherd's arm,
He tends it oh, so gently,
To keep it from further harm.
We think His way too harsh,
And we cannot comprehend,
But the Shepherd wraps the leg,
And the leg begins to mend.
The little lamb now follows-
Not ever again alone,
Where the Love
Of the Shepherd leads him….
Thank God for broken bones!

For Aaron
By Sharon Frye