But A Dreamer

I am but a dreamer-
Dreaming dreams for all my life,
Id rather hold the wistful thoughts
Of radiance and light

I am but a dreamer-
An anxious seeking seer,
I drift in restless reverie
Spinning cotton to cashmere.

I am but a dreamer-
Seeking refuge for my dreams,
Id rather hold the whispered hopes
That flow in desert streams.

I am but a dreamer-
A fool, Ive heard some say,
But I hear the tongues of troubadours
Join me when I pray--

The mind is but a haven,
A dwelling place for dreams,
A pocket for redeeming thoughts,
A place thats evergreen.

And the heart is but a harbor,
To dock our buoyant soul,
And share with all our passion,
The dreams that make us whole...

Written By
Sharon Frye