(Matters of the Heart)

Your name is on my inner walls
Inscripted on my heart,
Softly in my sleep it calls-
Though years we've been apart.

It seems to me so bittersweet,
I think I'm free and clear,
Then, I hear its pulsing beat-
My heart, the mutineer...

In love there are no guarantees,
All to do is share it,
Though its grip can taunt and tease,
'Til you think that you can't bear it.

"All is fair in love and war…"
Or so the saying goes,
I think my heart's a metaphor
To illustrate that prose.

When I think I've moved along,
Love's vows so bluntly broken,
The pulse within my heart beats strong,
Your name… so plainly spoken.

Sharon Frye