What I wanted to do

was rise

On a Sunday morning

and know

that I didn’t

have to look for love


that you’d still be there

beside me

Loving me

In my heart,

in my soul.


I thought that if

I loved you

that would be good enough

so I wrapped my thoughts

and heart

around the

hope of you

And I became

lost in that world

Truly lost…



But they say

what is lost

can be found

And so it is for me…

If you look…

you can find me--


Walking in the

cool night

and gazing at

the stars

looking for your shadow

beyond the Moon and Mars


Or from time to time

you might

find me

down by the carousel…

on the old chipped park bench


watching the horses

Go round

and round

and round-

calmly waiting

for the white horse

to come down…

And take me


to your love…


Sharon Frye