Celebration of Life

Let me reach out from my travels
To those who are circling round,
To friends and strangers on my path
That tread this sacred ground.

I may never know tomorrow
I can only live today…
So guard the words I utter
And guide my deeds I pray.

For those who live with suffering
I pray for you a balm…
I pray you'll know His presence
As you're held within His palm.

For those who feel abandoned,
Knocked down at every turn,
I pray you'll find the Hope
For which your heart must yearn.

And for those who feel uncertain,
Assurance, surely broken,
I pray you'll grow in Faith
As this earnest prayer is spoken.

For all the friends I love
And strangers passed each day,
I pray you'll know the Love
The Father sends your way!

Dedicated to you
The reader of this poem,
God loves you…and so do I
*Prayers Ascending*
Sharon Frye