This place that you are, God saw long ago,

The hopes and the dreams, the highs and the lows.

This passage of time, he holds in his hand,

The days that unfold are all in a plan.


This place that you are, though hard at this time,

With rock underfoot and steep hills to climb,

Is a place where you grow and learn of your strength,

The depth and the height, the width and the length.


Stop, look around, look and see where you are-

From the place that you were, you’ve come really far.

You forged straight ahead, through the pain and strife-

You battled the demons who stole from your life.


And I’m proud of your journey and who I see,

A courageous soul looking back at me…

I feel such strength when I grasp your hand,

This place where you are… is all in a plan.
Sharon Frye