I hold my breath and dive right in
These waters of clear blue
My shores of pride recede within
Til all that's left is you.

I swim thru waves that pound my heart
And pummel all my dreams
Til breathless, I make one more start,
Elusive… it all seems!

But I jump back in to try again,
I push off with both feet…
I pierce thru every fear and whim
To swim to something sweet…

I paddle thru the waves of strife
Growing stronger with each stroke,
And tread each trial of this life
Til it feels my limbs are broke…

But I'm diving into love once more,
I'll hold my breath and swim,
Til I can reach that yonder shore
That helps me hope again

I'm diving into love again
And dipping in my head,
And once again, it's sink or swim,
These waters that I tread…

Sharon Frye