I feel you watching out for us
From that realm where you are,
I hear the whisper of your voice,
Guiding from afar….

You tell us not to worry now,
Because life moves by so fast,
Your finger points to emphasize,
"Strive for what will last…"

I see you shake your head a bit,
As you tally all our fears,
You raise your brow, puzzled now,
"Why so many tears…?"

"For Life is precious, everyday,
Each moment and each hour,
Love your life and live your dreams,
Guided by God's power…"

I hear each word… it resonates
From that realm where you are,
A little east of Jupiter…
The biggest, brightest star!

Happy Birthday Big Al
You are not forgotten!
6/29/25 - 12/8/92
Love, Sharon

Sharon Frye