Fool or Not
I grew up on rock and roll
Wove that music 
through my soul-
Then I bought an old CD
And heard the songs
that sang to me.
I had never heard a song
That could haunt my heart
The whole night long…
But then I’d not heard
“Two Doors Down,”
Or hummed
“The Pocket of a Clown.”
How was I to know back then
That Yoakam songs
would sing within?
Or that I’d feel each
mournful note
That this singer ever wrote…?
Heartache, heartbreak,
lonely nights…
Teardrops ‘long blacktops
written by Dwight-
Bring my heart such sad,
long sighs-
Fool or not, I’m Yoakam-ized!

Sharon Frye
© 2006