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God With Us

For those who suffer loss,
And find yourselves "without"
Your white Christmas turned to blue,
And sinking deep in doubt…

It's hard to understand
How Love would come to earth,
God's width and height and depth,
Empowered in a birth…

You hear the carolers singing,
"Oh, Come Emmanuel…"
But you don't understand
How God with us would dwell.

Yes, our God is with us,
But your spirit has a hole…
A darkened, deep abyss,
That began so long ago…

This is why He came,
To still the fears of night,
To soothe your aching heart,
And the pain you can't recite…

This is why He's here
So you'll never be alone,
The furies of this life,
Don't have to be your own…

He longs to walk beside you,
To help you live life well,
To shoulder all your burdens,
Your own Emmanuel…
Oh come, Emmanuel!

Sharon Frye