The Hall of Silver Ghosts

Down every darkened corridor,
Down every shadowed hall
Are silver ghosts of memories
That come to make their call.

Looming in the passageways
And floating into view
Are phantoms from my yesterdays,
Those that I once knew…

And sometimes in the parallel
A vagueness passes by
A mirrored image of myself,
Who questions me with "why?"

"Why so many vanished dreams,
Why so much regret?
Of all the hearts that you have loved,
Who can't you forget?"

And somewhere in the darkness,
In the hall of silver ghosts,
Emerges from that corridor,
The heart that I loved most…

Oh, if it were my power
To love you but once more,
Oh silver ghost… I'd haunt you,
It's you… that I yearn for!

Sharon Frye