Heroes of Another Kind

There were many heroes on that day in autumn
Though brave in deed, Death still sought them.
Who could know or ever envision,
The legacy brought by a fateful decision?
And though the Angels, in legions, descended-
Our sorrow remains, so slowly amended.

What of the descendents, of that terrible plight,
Who harbor the pain, they cannot recite?
What of the child who says, "Daddy, I miss you,"
Or the wife who laments, "I wish I could kiss you…?"
When with each breath, their chests only tighten,
Will this burden, for them, ever so lighten?

What of the family, who lost their provider?
Or the mother whose son was a cop or firefighter?
Though the hand Life dealt was cruelly flawed,
Their courage gained has left me awed! 
Only thru darkness, did their spirit waiver,
And then emerge so much braver!

So Lord, to you, I bring their need,
Sustain them with Your strength, I plead,
These unsung heroes of another kind…
Guard their hearts and souls and minds,
Guide them on their journey home,
And Lord, never let them walk alone!

Sharon Frye