Homestead of Dreams

From the counties of Ireland, the bold ones would come,
From a famine of hunger, they came one by one.
Crossing the sea with new hope for their lives,
Packing their dreams with their children and wives…

Some settled in cities and some tilled the land,
Farming or factories, they lived by their hand.
From County Kilkenny, a branch would spring forth,
To homestead rich land, found in our North.

A man of great stature and wit it was said,
Carved from the land, the Brophy Homestead. 
A lover of horses and blacksmith by trade,
He lived out his dreams in the life that he made.

A family of twelve, the Brophy's became,
Honor and grace, were linked to their name.
Strength and hard work were known by each one,
But they were never too busy to forget and have fun.

I'm proud that their blood now runs in my veins,
It pulses so proudly when I say their name…
When Life becomes anxious and strength must be drawn,
I'll think of the Brophy's - the dreams will live on!

By Sharon Frye
Great-granddaughter of Charles and Isabel Brophy