My Child!

Should Providence call
My name
And I leave this world
for that farther place-
Perhaps I could leave you
With a word or two-
Just a few thoughts
Of the few things I have learned…

My Child,
This is my legacy to you.

First, you must love others well
Always remember
Above all
Love is the main thing…
Nothing else really matters
In the long haul
It’s how you love
That leaves the legacy

First, love yourself
Yes, love yourself enough
So that others see,
Not only
The joyous beauty
You have on the outside-
In your smile
And in your eyes…
But also your
Resplendent spirit
On the inside.

Then there is this thing about time…
It moves so fast
Way too fast.
And you don’t get a rebate.
So be careful.

Never worry about spotless floors
Manicured lawns,
Or if the cake is lopsided
Life is lopsided…
With more on the “to-do” list
Than recess
I vote for recess.

Take a quiet walk.
Take a long nap.
Rest your soul.
Have some gentle moments.
Go out and gaze at rainbows.
Say your prayers.
You'll remember those moments.

And one last thing
I want you to know:

Never leave this life
With your song unsung…
The music of your soul
Is your gift to the world.
Do not squander it…

Your song is sacred.
It makes you who you are-
Someone that I love so dearly…

Someone that taught me
About life and love…

My child!

Prayers ascending,

© 2009