New Beginning

Velvet petals on a woodland rose,
Heaven's breath, to my nose,
A brand new day beginning, a new beginning…
One more day's bloom unfolding,
One more day I'm beholding
This miracle of all, this miracle of all!
Another night is passing by, 
A crescent moon, a cloudless sky,
This good green earth,
Just spinning, spinning…
Hear the newborn baby's cry,
A widow wipes her tearful eye,
Time is always winning, winning…
We're pilgrims passing thru these days,
To a state of boundless grace,
We never go alone, on our journey home…
So, take each day, as it's unveiled,
For you, each one's been detailed,
That's the miracle of all, God's miracle of all,
Just beginning,
A new beginning!

By Sharon Frye