Like the dunes of the desert,
With shifting grains of sand,
We're chiseled by a north wind, 
Blown by God's command.
We never like the sandstorms
That blow along our way,
That leave the soul in doubt 
And scattered disarray.
Our soul, like the Sahara,
Colossal and expanse,
Has treasure that is yielding,
That Life should always dance!
But we're twisting thru the gravel,
And trudging thru each plain-
Where silence is so silent,
And pride a steep terrain.
But just ahead's a valley,
An oasis in the sand,
With pools of Living Water,
To quench a thirsty man…
With shade from palms of faith,
And bounty from hope's womb,
There's salvation in this respite,
Amidst the desert's doom.
So come and drink the water,
And be baptized on Life's shore,
A drop of Living Water,
Sustains forevermore!

By Sharon Frye