For all of my life, I hid my face

From a secret I can’t name,

Just closed my eyes to a brand of lies

And hid behind the shame.


But secrets like acknowledgement

So they curse and rant and rave,

They tell their tale mixed with lies from hell

To cause havoc which they crave.


They burrow in and find their niche

And try to push you to your end--

They spin their web in your heart and head

All the while, with a toothy grin.


Their whispered lies will bring you down,

If you let them have their way,

Like a poison you take that will make you break

It’s just a game they like to play…


But I’ll not play their game no more

The rules were fueled by fear,

So lies be gone,

You’ve been here too long-

And I want you out of here!


Sharon Frye