For every living soul, a melody's begun,
Upon our birth we sing until this life is done.
Sometimes the song we sing, we have to sing alone,
Sometimes the song itself is our cornerstone.

Every day's a verse, in which we sing our hymn,
Oft' times we lose our voice, it simply cries within.
It is within these times, the music seems to fade,
The song has lost its lilt and we become afraid-

Never doubt, beloved, the music is always near,
Songs of Life will sing within your inner ear.
Time will put new notes within your heart to sing,
Melodies, so beautiful, like an angel's wing.

So lift your voice to Heaven and gather strength from there,
Make your song an anthem; make your song a prayer.
Sing it to the hurting, sing it to a friend-
The Songs of Life are playing… sweet songs that never end…

For my friend, Nigel Lowe~ “Songs of Life”
Sharon Frye