Talismans and Trinkets

The things that we possess in life
Really can't compare
To what will come, when life is done…
And we're no longer here.

Our talismans and trinkets,
Could stack up to the stars,
But what is bought, is all for naught…
And hides what's truly ours.

For we are made of spirit
We search for so much more,
Within we yearn, and always burn…
For what we're destined for.

Our talismans and trinkets
All vanish in God's time,
They rot and rust and turn to dust,
They bring no peace of mind.

So why are we still striving,
To have just one more thing?
We search near and far, but when it's ours,
Our silent soul can't sing.

Lay up your treasure in Heaven,
Where moth cannot abide,
Where peace is found and love abounds,
As deep as it is wide…

Lay up your treasure in Heaven,
It begins right now on earth,
In each endeavor, hold on forever…
To what gives Life true worth !

Sharon Frye