I said the words and they stuck in my throat
"Yeah Mom, I'll try and come by..."
But every year I'm still the same
And I hate that I told her a lie.

They gave me a rose to "never forget"
And yet, I always remember
Too many moments are forever ingrained
From that Tuesday in September.

They took the beams from out of the Towers
And smelted them down for ships,
And when my son died in Iraq
"9-11" was the cry on his lips.

My wife and I don’t talk too much,
But I hear her up at night,
I hear her cry and walk the floor-
But we never fuss or fight…

I always thought I was decent and fair,
But this mosque is just too much,
I can’t believe they want the ground
That my brother's hands last touched...

A bunch of my friends are all getting sick,
Hundreds, that were hailed then as heroes--
They sacrificed then, but pay the price now,
For their hours worked at Ground Zero.

I've got good days and bad like most of the rest
Though it’s nearly been ten years,
Like it or not, it's tattooed on my soul
With the sacred ink of tears….

Written By
Sharon Frye