The Calling

I am not at ease
To leave this world the same,
As before it saw my face
Before it said my name…
For me, there is a calling,
A singing in my soul,
Flowing in my veins,
A song that is Age-old.
For me there is a stirring
Within my rampant blood,
Raging like a river…
Unbridled as a flood.
It coaxes and cajoles
And nags at every turn,
Relentless and persistent,
Causing me to yearn.
I yearn to touch a heart,
Catch a tear… bring a smile,
I covet to say a prayer
Or just listen for a while…
To be a helper to the helpless,
To follow the urging prod,
Of the singing in my veins,
The calling from My God…

Sharon Frye