The Sea of Knowledge

The Sea of Knowledge awaits you…
For ripples that spring from your course.
The waves are rolling much nearer,
Drawn close by your coming force...

The Isle of StirringYourThoughts, Child,
Is where you're tutored with care,
The trainers of true education,
Are helping you to prepare.

The Isle is naught but a rest stop,
A place to nurture your thought...
And gather your thoughts together
With all that you've been taught.

Trainers and tutors, now crewman,
Are aboard the ship that you sail,
They point to the course like a compass,
In hopes that you'll never fail.

So go… set your course with the North Star!
The wind is not hesitating…
Fill your sails with power from Learning
For the Sea of Knowledge is waiting!

By Sharon Frye