The Song of Love

They say that Love is like a song, like music from Mozart,
Its rhythm beating all life long, a concert of the heart.

The song of Love is so sweet when sung in harmony,
Two voices rise and come to meet, yet still sing separately.

Not just one voice, a voice alone can't sound as fine and rare,
As two that sing in one accord, a melody to share.

Each day unveils a sacred hymn, the lyrics never waiver…
They give us strength and bring us joy; they make our spirit braver.

Through the sunshine or the storm, each voice must sing their part,
Today, you come to join as one, in voice and hand and heart.

So come and sing with clarity but blend your notes with care,
For harmony and love are sown with kindness, trust and prayer.

Oh come and sing an anthem now, a joyful song of praise,
Your song of Love will resonate until the end of days!

By Sharon Frye

For Mark and Kelly Frye
Joined in Marriage
August 7, 2004