Never Forget

  The Tigers of Engine Co. 6

The Tigers of Engine 6, at 49 Beekman Street,
Live and breathe amidst Ground Zero's seemed defeat.
But there's a fierceness in their gaze,
the sparks can't be disguised-
Deep in their heart's a blaze,
with fire they've been baptized!
Tommy, Paul, and Bill, and Lt. O'Hagan's gone…
Now it's one year later, but their spirit still is strong.
The Tiger's roar is heard within their battle cry,
Bravery's never blurred, it was always Do or Die!
Defeat is not a word or a concept they assume,
For every warrior here was born from a Tiger's womb!
So hold each Tiger close and pray for each endeavor,
They're tucked within our hearts,
And we'll hold them there forever!

Dedicated to the FDNY Engine Co. 6
By Sharon Frye