Through the Eyes of the Sycamore


Through my limbs I see you there
Walking rain or shine,
I lift my branches high for you
I know you’re one of mine.

 There are some that come by once
And never come again,
But I can see you’ll stay with me
And we’ll become as friends.


You walk along so pensively
Always deep in thought,
I see your face through leaves of green,
You’re strong but also soft.

 When winter comes I see you there
I have a clearer view,
I’ve lost my leaves, like other trees
But you’ve lost something too.


Our Maker made a special plan
By which we grow within,
I’ve lost my bark, you lost your heart,
Still, we grow in Him.

 Life calls each morning like the dove
I hold within my limbs,
Through the tempest and the storm
We learn to sing our hymn.


Through every season, we'll grow strong
We'll shed both leaves and tears,
But I’ll stand tall and give you shade
Through all the coming years…

Sharon Frye