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The Tree of Life

The tree of Life is costly
Each limb extracting a price
It's paid by our tears, those sad souvenirs,
That our hearts will sacrifice.

Long limbs are boundless and vexing
Coarse bark slivers into our skin
But still we hold on, our faith growing strong
Our hands just keep digging in…

Don't look at the limbs below you
They're already under your foot,
Though tangled and vast, they are the past,
But still they come from the Root…

Keep your eyes fixed high on the heavens,
Free the branch that is snaring your dreams.
Let go just a bit, before it can split…
And forever, you're caught in between…

Keep climbing and striving, go higher,
You've grown strong now, don't ever stop…
Leave the branch's frail nest, for you will be blessed
With the view that is seen from the top!

By Sharon Frye