We may never know the reason,
We may never know the " why…"
But one thing I am sure of
No one planned to die. 
As they got up in the morning, 
As they took their kids to school,
No one, no, not one- 
Knew the day would end so cruel.
As they hustled into traffic,
As they found a matching tie,
No one ever knew-
They would say their last good-bye.
As they drank their morning coffee,
As each memo was addressed,
No one had suspected, 
No, no one even guessed…
That beyond their next appointment,
Beyond their next sweet breath,
Stood Life's defining moment-
When they would meet their death.
Will we take each day now circling?
Circling round and round?
Or have we gained new sight,
That each moment's so profound?
Our words, are they now softer?
Our hearts, now more expanse?
Are we sitting on the sidelines,
When our dreams desire to dance?
We must commit to waltzing, 
We must leave this life well done,
Please, come take my hand,
A melody's begun…
We must commit to singing, 
Life's song will keep us young,
The music of our souls…
Must never be unsung!

By Sharon Frye