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War from the Brimstone II

A shadow looms in closely, growing taller on the wall,
A silent, sleeping giant, just waiting for my fall.

A vulture circles round me and the Reaper grasps my hand,
But I hear an angel whisper, "Get up…you must stand…"

My legs are tired of standing and they buckle from within,
So heavy is my burden, there seems to be no end.

I'm tired of fighting battles with this devil at my gate,
Who smiles and schemes against me, while plotting out my fate.

But the vulture just keeps circling and the Reaper nears my hand…
And once again the edict, "Get up… you must stand!"

I'm weary of this struggle…I'm pummeled from all sides,
My heart is pocked with pellets from the tears that I have cried…

Still the vulture has no pity; he screeches out a threat,
But my angel shouts back loudly, "She isn't yours…not yet!"

He crouches down beside me and whispers his command,
"Come, you must be stronger! Oh, get up now and stand!"

I stretch my legs with vigor, then bend to find a stone,
And throw it at the vulture who preys on me alone…

I know it isn't over; that he'll fly round to land…
But this time I am ready… this time I will stand!

Sharon Frye