We, the Human Race

It seems I've spent a lifetime
Searching after Truth,
And now I find I know far less
Than I knew in my youth.

But isn't it a ironic…that
God put me in your shoes,
And set my feet upon a path
To see a different view?

I've always had a mindset,
That can't see beyond my nose,
I'm blinded by my precepts,
Could I be one of "those"?

But isn't it ironic…that
God thinks enough of me,
And that He would care enough,
To teach me empathy?

So, I'm walking on a new path,
And stepping out of time,
To hear a different rhythm,
So far away from mine.

What always gives me wonder,
And never ceases to amaze…
To find, we're not so different,
We, "The Human Race…"

Sharon Frye