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What Makes a Friend?

When the rest of the world is gone,
They're the one you still count on…
They're the one who comes in the
Minefield of your life,
Digging in deep, holding you close
Til you can stand again...

What makes a friend?
They're the one who never judges you
They have eyes of compassion.
They see your soul,
Not the deeds of your haunted past
Or the confused present....

What makes a friend?
They're the one-man cheering squad,
Rooting for you…carrying you to Victory.
They make you a champion, because of their love.
And in the end…their love is your ally
And your best defender...

What makes a friend?
You make a friend, for you have loved me
With wide open abandon,
Never seeking what would benefit yourself
But sharing the storms of life
With your guiding wisdom...

Listening with the ear of understanding…
To the tattered details of my life
Never condemning but
Loving with spirit from the heart....
Never scoffing at my pain but
Erasing my tears with a hand of compassion...

What makes a friend…?
You make a friend
When all I could see in life
Was hellish darkness and lonely corridors
You helped my see The Visage of God…
And that is what makes you my friend...

Thank you Paula and forever friends

By Sharon Frye