You Won't Know 'Til  I'm Gone

I'm the one that you will miss
But you won't know it 'til I'm gone,
Like a haunting chord of notes
From an old forgotten song.

I'm the one that you will seek
When you glance back one more time,
I'm the taste you'll always crave
The full body of the wine.

I'm the one you'll always hear
When steps echo in the night,
I'm the word upon your soul
That you don't know how to write.

I'm the knocking on your door
That startles you from sleep,
The lingering scent of roses
That moves your heart to weep.

I'm the shining crescent moon
That causes you to sigh,
The bending of the bow
That arches cross your sky…

You won't know it 'til I'm gone,
And then, you'll reminisce…
Then… you'll miss my love,
Then… you'll miss my kiss

Sharon Frye