Whispers of Her Heart
She mused,” I think he loves me…”
Clutching flowers to her breast,
She listened to the wheat move
As she laid her head to rest.
Her eyes, calm pools of silence,
So serene and gentle now-
Held the whispers of her heartbeat
When she made a secret vow.
I will always love you-
Even though we’re far apart-
Know you’re always with me,
In the pulsing of my heart.
My prayers for you will always
And forever
be ascending-
I pledge my love,
before God above-
A love that’s never ending.
She closed her eyes in silence
And drifted off to sleep
She dreamt of piercing eyes
That her heart would always keep.
She woke to find an artist
Standing just a bit away---
Painting out the heart
He gazed upon that day...
Sharon Frye