For My Cousin In Iraq-- A Christmas Poem

Dear Lacee,

There are times I'd like to trade all the coziness of my life,
And lead you far away from your daily, grinding strife.

And especially now at Christmas, this 'joyous' time of year,
I wish that somehow, we could trade, and you could be right here.

But there you are, so far off and in a desert land-
Amidst a land and people that I don't understand.

And somehow, I'm reminded of that first Nativity,
When Jesus came to be a man and live like you and me.

It's then that words are whispered, like soft notes in my ear,
He, that had the power, chose to live right here-

He looked at us with longing, to see us rise above-
Every pain and heartache, He summoned with His love.

And then I find a comfort, a knowing deep inside,
That all of this life's messes, every tear that has been cried…

Are borne upon a Savior that chose to come to earth-
Who offers us new mercies and a life to live of worth.

And now my tears are poured out, for I know this much is true-
He abandoned every comfort -- for my freedom -- just like you!

Thank you for your sacrifices, my dear cousin-
And may you find His Peace in the desert...
I love you